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Weird, funny facts about women

Weird, funny facts about women

We all know women are pretty, soft, sexy, and attractive but have you ever imagined another side to them, a slightly unkempt one at that? Actually, women can be quite crazy; they are capable of doing things that make men go red in the face such as faking orgasm, preferring chocolates over sex and the list is endless.

Women are psychologically and physically different from men. They hide age, weight, feelings, qualities, and do things that men have never thought of doing. On that note, we explore some funny, weird facts about women that are lesser-known.

Women always carry their handbags around: Men must have not noticed this, but women always carry their handbags or purses. They feel awkward if they don’t carry anything in their hands. And we really don’t know what they have inside their bags!

Women never have anything to wear: Give them thousands of bucks; they can spend the whole sum on shopping. And still complain that they haven’t got anything to wear. The fact is that most of the clothes or accessories in their closets are either one-time-wear or not even that.

Women don’t bathe everyday: Not all women bathe everyday, no matter how much they profess cleanliness and hygiene. They rely on deodorants and perfumes to smell good.

Women eat a hell lot: When men are around, women act like they eat too little. But when left alone she can polish off a full size pizza. Now, we know why women always talk about food and recipes.

Why women love TV serials/Soap operas so much: We know most of the TV serials look so stupid and funny but women still love them. Probably they just want to feel that there are people worse off than them. Now you should know why a Balika Vadhu kind of show is so famous.

After sex women still love to be kissed: Men always feel tired and prefer to sleep after sex, but women don’t. They like to talk, fool around, and kiss each other. For a great relationship, men should take note of this.


-Women worry about their looks while having sex

-Women love to bargain, even if they don’t like the buy

-Around seventy per cent women would rather have chocolate than sex

-Women don’t like another woman to wear the same dress

-Women mature much faster than men

-Women can spend a whole day before the mirror

-Women don’t need sex as often as men do. Sex is more about emotions for women.
If you know any other funny facts about women, please add to the list.


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