Ikke akkurat true scale

Alle disse miniatyrene tilhører 1 figurpakke, fra merket MPC(Airfix).
Det var små storfe, gitt… og sabla store fjørfe! Hvilken skala har produsenten tenkt at folk skal bruke dette til??

Kristne tror ikke på overnaturlige ting

Fra starten av en historie fra en tilsynelatende seriøs fyr:
“This is a crazy story that I wouldn’t have believed had it not happened to me. I am not prone or drawn to the supernatural, and in fact I have a strong Christian support system,[…]”
“Jeg er kristen, ergo tror jeg bare på beviselige ting”:p

Usynlig blekk for spioner IRL

“at least one agent had to be reminded to use only fresh supplies of the ‘ink’ when correspondents began noticing an unusual smell. “

Faktakilde: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/8015180/MI6-used-bodily-fluids-as-invisible-ink.html

Når minibanken er tom…

…Kommer musene ut.
Kilde: http://www.nrk.no/nyheter/distrikt/nordland/1.7970145

Gøy på irc

*** Zeron is now known as you
* you farted.
* you sigh in frustration.
* you lose
* you suck at life
*** Wildfyre is now known as our
* Goblin_Leecher thinks you need a life
* our conversation is entirely too weird
*** Goblin_Leecher is now known as we
* we are going stir crazy
* you are going a little too far
* our laughter fills the offices nearby.
* you are fired.
* we need new jobs
* you agree
* you wonder when this madness will end
* we are not sane
* you are correct
* our sanity has left?
you know…if a sane person were to walk in here…they’d be very very confused right about now…
* you are one with the matrix.
Kilde: http://www.bash.org/?367808


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